Intelligent security for the modern workplace

Microsoft 365 delivers holistic security across users, devices, apps and data.
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Improve security with the cloud

Holistic security for digital estates

Today, data and users roam. Microsoft 365 protects assets with a new approach to comprehensive security.

Native security solutions reduce complexity

Native security integrates easily, simplifies deployment, and reduces the number of vendors to manage.


Shared intelligence strengthens security

Trillions of threat signals are analyzed each day to help secure third-party platforms, apps, and services.

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Secure access to your enterprise

Traditional security perimeters no longer apply. Identity is the new control plane. Protecting an enterprise requires defense in depth, which starts with a passwordless user authentication experience and automatic, policy-based rules for accessing sensitive information, regardless of location or device type.

Defend your digital landscape

Security breaches are inevitable. You should operate under an assumption of compromise and combine prevention with strong incident response capabilities. Your SecOps team must be able to quickly correlate alerts into an attack timeline and automate investigation and remediation processes so they can focus on more complex security challenges.

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Safeguard your sensitive data

In this era of big data and strengthened privacy laws, an organization’s most valuable asset is data, yet most don’t understand what data is sensitive and how to control access. Protecting data and privacy requires automatic detection of sensitive information and protection that stays with a file, even when it travels outside of your network.

Understand and improve your security posture

Increasingly sophisticated threats mean organizations must constantly reassess their security posture, but accurately and objectively measuring it is a challenge for most companies. Your security providers should help quantify your security posture and provide recommendations to improve it including the user impact and level of effort required.

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Discover and eliminate shadow IT

Mobile devices and cloud applications have accelerated workplace productivity, but they have also created new opportunities for bad actors. To secure your business without impeding productivity, you need easy authentication, visibility into applications and devices on your network, and control over the access and sharing of sensitive information.

Security beyond Microsoft products

Modern enterprises are adopting a variety of solutions to achieve digital transformation goals. Most organizations run workloads on different operating systems, use multiple cloud platforms, and rely on a variety of vendors. It’s critical that security solutions work together—regardless of the vendor— to protect devices, products, and services.

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"If you make security hard, people may work around it. With Microsoft 365, we get native capabilities, visibility into our operational environment, and simplicity for all employees."

- Simon Hodgkinson Group Chief Information Security Officer, BP UK

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Security for the modern workplace

Identity & access management

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Threat protection

Help stop damaging attacks with integrated and automated security.

Information protection

Protect sensitive information anywhere it lives.

Security management

Strengthen your security posture with insights and guidance.

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