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Access financial files quickly and securely from almost anywhere

Stay in the loop while you travel to client meetings by easily and more securely accessing all financial and economic files from virtually anywhere.

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Store financial documents in one location for access from most devices

As an investment analyst, you need immediate access to important documents such as investment portfolios or economic trend spreadsheets, no matter where you are. By creating a document library in SharePoint that all team members can use, or by storing files that only you need access to in OneDrive, you can provide a more secure place for all your pertinent files.

In addition to accessing files from SharePoint or OneDrive from almost any device, you can quickly access them, or those sent as attachments, in a special view in Outlook on the web.

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Sync online documents to local devices to stay productive while working offline

You never know what connection service will be like when you’re away from the office. You can stay productive while offline by creating local copies of the financial documents you need from your OneDrive account, and make the changes you want—knowing that when you’re back online, all your changes will sync to OneDrive and across all your compatible devices.

When you have the OneDrive sync client installed, the conditional access control capabilities keep your financial documents secure in the cloud by ensuring that syncing is done only with compliant devices.

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Securely share files with internal analysts and external stakeholders

It’s important for your clients and external stakeholders to have access to their financial information, but it’s equally important to keep private company information secure from these same stakeholders. In SharePoint, you can create a site collection to store confidential internal files and create a subsite to store the files you want the client and other external stakeholders to have access to.

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Upload investment reports from virtually anywhere

Securely uploading your financial documents to OneDrive or SharePoint is easy from almost any device. You can even upload them directly from Outlook. On many devices, files such as pictures or videos upload automatically to your cloud storage. By default, files uploaded to SharePoint sites or libraries are set to Private and files uploaded to OneDrive are not shared until you explicitly take a sharing action, so you can feel confident knowing these newly uploaded files are safe from unauthorized viewers.

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Create links to share investment reports for collaboration anywhere, anytime

When you use SharePoint or OneDrive to store documents for collaboration, you can easily share large files or folders by generating a link and then sending the link from Outlook. You can set permission restrictions to allow anyone in your organization to read or edit the file or limit access just to the recipient. If you try to send a link to a file stored on a SharePoint site and your recipient won't have access to the file due to permissions restrictions, Outlook will warn you and suggest you send a copy as an attachment instead.

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Case Studies

A cloud services solution is implemented at the company in compliance with financial regulatory standards

The company required a quality, safe IT solution for the office – email, data storage in the cloud and office software. However, as a company operating in the finance sector, it must comply with all regulations, including the binding European Parliament and Council Directive 2006/73/EC. It sets forth that the company must provide circumstances so that the market regulators (in Latvia’s case, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC)) could execute external IT service functions and risk oversight related thereto.

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