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Gain insight into how you spend your time every day

Boost your sales performance by effortlessly tracking how you spend your time and reviewing the results in a personalized dashboard. With MyAnalytics, after just a few days you can get actionable data on how much time you spend on email during meeting hours, how many productivity hours you have each day, and much more. From there, make the adjustments you need, to get the most out of your working hours.

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Track the performance of your sales team

Add to your understanding of your performance by analyzing your sales team's performance. With Microsoft Workplace Analytics, your team can view custom dashboards that show where the team's time is going and how well it performs against metrics. High-level summaries provide insight into the team's day-to-day collaboration, what your team's network patterns look like, and how your meetings compare with others throughout your organization. When you understand how you work and where you need improvement, take advantage of the productivity apps in Office 365 to drive your performance to the next level.

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Use alerts and reminders to stay on top of important tasks

Successful sales reps know that sales wins come from building a relationship with customers, not spending time buried in email and to-do lists. You can reduce the time you spend on email and tasks by setting flags and reminders in Outlook. With Outlook, you can flag important emails to add them to your daily tasks, set an alert to be notified when an important customer contacts you, set reminders to stay on top of important meetings, set rules to automatically route low-priority requests to a separate folder for later follow-up, and much more.

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Reduce the time spent searching for or re-creating content

Some of the best sales ideas spring from successful content from past campaigns or other channels. The trick is finding these resources without spending countless hours hunting through multiple systems. When you use Delve, you can quickly find relevant content from colleagues and experts throughout your organization without having to know where it is stored and who created it. Delve presents personalized content based on your interests and search terms, connecting you quickly with the content you need.

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Case Studies

J. Walter Thompson breaks new ground with Microsoft collaboration tools

J. Walter Thompson (JWT) is a global leader in marketing communications that taps into its 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to pioneer brands that last as long as it has. Today, JWT uses new technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 to create a global, modern workplace so the company can continue to innovate at the speed of culture. JWT uses cloud-based telephony and document storage, along with a chat-based app, to support the mobility and dynamic cocreation that’s necessary to win new business in a digital age.

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