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Automate your business processes to increase efficiency

Run your business more efficiently by using custom apps that your own team creates to link data from various sources, incorporate workflows, and create charts and reports that provide a clear picture.

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Streamline processes by empowering workers to create custom apps

You’re on a tight deadline and need an app that will help you manage your data, but the IT department doesn’t have time to help. You can create the customized app you need yourself—easily and without having to write a single line of code—by using PowerApps. Check out the sample apps in PowerApps to see if your solution is already available, or to use one as the basis for a customized app of your own. Even if you need to create an app from scratch, PowerApps makes it easy by integrating smoothly with your data in Office 365, SharePoint, and other common services.

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Create automated workflows between multiple applications

With multiple people working on many files, it can be difficult for project managers to keep current on where things are and where they need to go next—and when. With Microsoft Flow, you can create automated workflows to help you manage the progress of documents from your Office 365 apps and SharePoint lists and files from anywhere, on most devices. By creating a workflow in SharePoint, you automatically receive an email when a new item is added to a SharePoint list, schedule tasks, add actions like saving files to OneDrive, and manage approvals.

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Transform data from a variety of sources into visual insights

When information overload strikes and you’re having trouble sorting through your data to find what matters, a picture can be worth a thousand words. With Power BI, you can connect data from hundreds of sources, such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, or Office 365 apps such as Excel, and then choose from a huge variety of visualizations and charts. You can then share the results with your team via a colorful, interactive Power BI dashboard.

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Aggregate data and upload files where you and your coworkers can find them

When the data you need to present to your team comes from different sources and is in a variety of formats, you can find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time aggregating that data and formatting it to share with your coworkers. To streamline this process, you can use Power BI to pull your data together, create an interactive report, and embed the report as a web part in SharePoint, where everyone can easily get to it.

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Sign, return, or get signatures on documents in seconds with Adobe Sign for Office 365

Quickly and securely sign documents directly from your SharePoint document library with Adobe Sign for SharePoint. To request signatures or sign and return critical documents in seconds, you can use the Adobe for Outlook add-in, which you can access directly from the ribbon.

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Case Studies

SharePoint Swoop - The intranet makeover show

Join three superhero Microsoft MVPs as they swoop into the fantastical world of Funko Inc., a worldwide leader in pop culture. Things are Pop!ing up in Everett, WA, and the intrepid Funko IT department is fighting to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. They need to refine collaboration, enhance communication and enhance their intranet to support their fast-paced and growing business. The MVPs have just three days to help. Can they do it? Binge watch the five-part video series and find out now!

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