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Connect your global workforce to bring products to market faster

Employees often have great ideas about improving processes and products, but don’t always have a good way to communicate those ideas with senior-level management. You need a way to compile valuable input from workers and improve processes and production.


Create a Yammer group where your employees can communicate new ideas to improve products or processes with engineers, sales reps, and executives. Your entire workforce can post, share, and comment on others’ ideas and become more engaged with the company.


Organizations with global offices can now easily connect and work across geographies. Use the Yammer Message Translation feature to improve communications and idea sharing regardless of language and locale.


Conduct polls to get input on new product features or process updates. Post results and share recent news and upcoming discussions that employees can get involved in.

  • Engage your entire workforce to improve products.
  • Work together on product features, updates, and more.
  • Communicate across regional, national, and international boundaries.

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