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Build a cohesive global sales team to beat revenue targets

The sales team is essential to meeting an organization’s over-arching revenue goals, but often sales professionals don't have the time and the right tools to build and enable a cohesive team, especially in national or international organizations.

Communicate effectively across your global teams and eliminate information silos with Yammer. 
Bring everyone into the conversation, from managers to group leaders, and share lessons and best practices with Yammer’s Translator integration. With your company connected globally, everyone can learn from the experiences of others. Build a winning team culture by celebrating successes and recognizing individuals. 
For specific projects, create a channel in Microsoft Teams to share updates and get feedback quickly by @mentioning specific team members.
Add Power BI to make the latest sales data available instantly. Quickly analyze CS: See if there are any additional changes you can implement to give this a national/global solution… Add something about translator integrations in Yammer  how your team is doing against forecasts and make real-time adjustments.
• Share best practices to learn from others. 
• Eliminate information silos. 
• Quickly react to the latest sales data.