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Build a winning marketing strategy

Building a marketing strategy takes input from the whole team to accomplish. You need to understand customer trends, share strategies, finalize action plans, and get stakeholder approval before sharing with the company.

Set up channels in Microsoft Teams for the various departments providing input, including sales, finance, and marketing. Share information on customer trends, budgets, and requirements from each department and make sure everyone has a chance to provide feedback. 
Use an external Yammer group to interact with customers to improve your marketing strategy. Start conversations, answer questions, and conduct pools to gain valuable insights and assess trends. 
Share your findings and recommendations in your dedicated Teams channels. Use @mentions to ping team members and stakeholders to get feedback. 
Once your marketing strategy is approved, use a Skype for Business Broadcast Meeting to share it with the company. Provide a recorded version for people to view later in your Yammer company-wide group.
  • Engage customers to understand insights and track trends. 
  • Collect timely input. 
  • Share strategy and gather feedback.