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Build consensus in a social network for a new investment product

Create a corporate social network to connect your company's entire product development team, so you can quickly build consensus on a new investment program.

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Collaborate with the development team in a single location

When collaborating with your development team on a new investment program, you need a single, integrated workspace to avoid version control problems. SharePoint provides both versioning and access control, so team members can be assured that they are working with the latest files, in an environment protected with enterprise-grade security. Because SharePoint is fully integrated with Office 365 desktop and mobile apps, you can store, share, and work with your files any time, from anywhere. Documents you add to SharePoint are easy to discover and access via Delve.

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Share information and open discussions with your team in real time

By creating a Yammer group specifically for the new investment program, you can provide a portal to share and collect ideas from each team member, and give everyone a chance to weigh in. Because Yammer is integrated with Office Groups, members of your group are immediately connected with a set of shared resources via the SharePoint document library. Everyone also has the opportunity to contribute to a OneNote notebook to share notes, all from within Yammer. If your team is using Delve to surface content for your investment product, you can click a document’s content card to instantly add it to your Yammer group, and get the conversation going!

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Access your virtual expert network for fast decision-making

When you need to extend your reach to tap into the experience of the industry or financial instrument experts in your company, you can post a question to another Yammer group to bring them into the conversation. Yammer gives your experts the access they need, even from mobile and smart devices. To find answers from experts outside your company, you can use a Yammer external group to open up the conversation while keeping your internal information and documents private.

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Quickly gain consensus around a go-to-market plan

You have pulled together a draft of the go-to-market plan, but now it’s time to get the global leadership team involved in a discussion around it, and to agree on next steps. To quickly bring the team together, use the IM capabilities of Skype for Business or Outlook group conversations. Skype for Business is integrated across Office 365, so it’s easy to take and store notes from your discussion in Word or in a OneNote digital notebook. Then you can post notes and files on a SharePoint team site so they’re available for future reference.

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Solicit feedback from the whole company, from anywhere

To instantly update your whole company about the new product and get feedback, you can create a companywide Yammer group for the purpose. The Yammer enterprise social network makes it easy for you to ask questions and get feedback from everyone, wherever they are, eliminating time zone–related challenges. You can provide easy access to the files they need right from the team’s Yammer workspace. Better yet, everyone in the Yammer group has direct access from their Android, iOS, or Windows device, any time they need it.

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Case Studies

Brewing company uses Office 365 for global collaboration and business efficiency

To efficiently manage more than 140 master beer brands in a global market, the Carlsberg Group is using Microsoft Office 365 to foster teamwork and collaboration among 40,000 employees in 27 countries. The company accelerated the teamwork required to quickly build a single, agile, and scalable supply chain to optimize distribution to its markets. Employees enjoy increased mobility and can work better together in building a global brand that caters to local tastes.

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