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Close deals by engaging experts and executives in important customer discussions

In order to close important deals, bring corporate experts and executives into the sales process by providing a way for them to participate in customer meetings and respond to questions, even if they are remote.

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Connect customers, executive sponsors, and product experts "face to face"

You can pull a product expert into a customer meeting in real time with Skype for Business. Skype for Business is instant messaging (IM), calling, video calling, sharing, and collaboration all rolled into one solution. You can initiate an IM chat with anyone who's listed as available - or green - in your contacts list. Or, to add a level of personal touch, you can start your video to engage with the customer "face to face."

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Open a dialogue between sales and product team members to move opportunities forward

Foster direct conversations between your sales team and product experts through a Yammer group. Yammer is a private, secure social network for your organization that enables people to collaborate securely across departments and geographies. It’s designed to inspire company-wide knowledge exchange and to increase team efficiency.

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Collaborate to close the deal

You can update and keep investigating any open customer issues with your immediate sales team through Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Teams is your one-stop, chat-based workspace, where you can securely share conversations, files, and notes with your team. Add a OneNote notebook directly to your team channel so your team can review notes from customer meetings to help drive the deal forward. 

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Case Studies

Inspection expert closes global distance with cloud conferencing and telephony solution

With employees located all over the world, Zetec needed more effective tools for bridging the miles. It standardized on Skype for Business Online for all its communication needs, from phone calls to group conferences. By giving its 245 employees more communications options, Zetec has improved collaboration and productivity, which gives it a competitive edge. It also saves US$18,000 annually in conferencing licensing alone and reduces IT support work.

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