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Coauthor a new employee handbook

Creating a new employee handbook requires working with people in multiple departments to get input and approval, which can be difficult when people often work in different offices and time zones. You need an easy way to include everyone needed to create and approve the handbook and make it easily accessible to all new employees.

Share resources and create a draft of the new handbook in Microsoft Teams. Invite key team members to discuss and work together. Use chat to ask questions and instantly get feedback. Use  @mentions to let managers know you need their approval is needed on sections of the handbook to keep the project on time.
When you need input that people in the Teams channel can’t provide, add Yammer. You can use @mentions to ask internal experts for their input. 
When the handbook is finalized, share it to your company’s SharePoint site to give everyone access. You can easily edit the online document with new information for everyone to see.
  • Share drafts and resources with your team in one location.
  • Work together in real time to complete sections of the handbook.
  • Share the final handbook with the company and easily update as needed.