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Collaborate in real time to build consensus on a new CRM solution

Grow your sales team's revenue by building consensus on a new CRM solution in a collaborative, real-time, chat-based workspace.

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Collaborate on the CRM proposal with sales teams

To select the right CRM solution, you need to bring your sales managers and sales reps together to review the shortlisted products. You can use Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace, to touch base in real time and drill down to documents and charts specific to the discussion. When you create a Teams channel, you can chat in real time about issues in a single, dedicated chat forum to keep all conversations in one place. Teams allows you to work together in a seamless coauthoring experience. When you need to, you can pull in field experts with @mentions. You can even launch live audio or video meetings right from Teams.

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Access sales-related content, tools, and people in a secure, single location

The files and data your team needs to make the right decision on the new CRM solution must be kept in a secure, centralized workspace to protect that data and yet make it accessible to the stakeholders. SharePoint provides both versioning and access control, so sales reps and managers can be assured that they are working with the latest information, in an environment protected with enterprise-grade security. You can store contact information in the same location, along with the tools your teams need, so no one has to spend valuable time hunting down information. SharePoint is fully integrated with Office 365 desktop and mobile apps, so you can store, share, and work with files any time.

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Share crucial sales information with the entire sales team for collective input

Just when you think your new, proposed CRM solution is perfect, a district manager discovers new information that might make it even better. To build consensus, you can disseminate critical information quickly and efficiently to your team via the audio, video, and IM capabilities of Skype for Business or via Outlook group conversations. Skype for Business is integrated across Office 365, so it’s easy to take and store notes in Word or in a OneNote digital notebook. Then you can post notes and files on a SharePoint team site so they’re available for future reference.

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Discover your district managers’ status so you can call a quick meeting

Your recommendation for the new CRM solution is due by end of day, and you need a quick meeting with the district managers to get buy-in on a change to one of the points. Use the presence indicators in Skype for Business to see who is available, and then bring your team together on an impromptu video call.

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Case Studies

J. Walter Thompson breaks new ground with Microsoft collaboration tools

J. Walter Thompson (JWT) is a global leader in marketing communications that taps into its 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to pioneer brands that last as long as it has. Today, JWT uses new technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 to create a global, modern workplace so the company can continue to innovate at the speed of culture. JWT uses cloud-based telephony and document storage, along with a chat-based app, to support the mobility and dynamic co-creation that’s necessary to win new business in a digital age.

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