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Collaborate on market analysis using collective intelligence

Important business intelligence should be shared with colleagues companywide, giving everyone the same access and insights into financial data and risks. You need an easy way to collaborate on the data, view results, and share with other stakeholders.


Evaluate and respond to market opportunities in real time by taking your own internal data and combining it with external data using Power BI. The interactive dashboard visualizes data, so you can discover trends and explore “what-if” scenarios, helping you make better business decisions faster.


Use Q&A to run natural language queries. It interprets your question and immediately serves up the correct answer in the form of an interactive chart or graph. The visualizations change dynamically as you modify the question.


With Sites, you can quickly create collaborative BI-optimized workspaces in Office 365 to share BI worksheets with colleagues and collaborate on financial insights and results. This gives everyone the same insights into risks and financial data.

  • Share and collaborate on data.
  • Manage and share workbooks that stay current with the latest data.
  • Give access to others to query data and easily find insights.