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Work on promo event handouts as a team

Email works well for some types of communication, but if you're brainstorming the perfect handout for an upcoming promotional event, email collaboration can become unwieldy. You need one place where you can work together in real time, coauthor files, and quickly receive approval.

With Microsoft Teams, you can chat in real time, share design files for your promo event handouts, coauthor documents, and keep conversations all in one place. You can also launch a live audio or video call to easily share updates and resolve issues in preparation for the event. 
Images and other assets you upload to Microsoft Teams are automatically saved to SharePoint, so you can easily search for the files you need and avoid version-control problems. You can also store contact and tracking information in the same location, so no one has to spend valuable time hunting for missing information.
  • Work with colleagues and internal experts in real time.
  • Quickly share crucial information with the entire team for collective input.
  • Easily access content and tools in a secure, centralized repository.