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Work together to create inspiring lesson plans

It can be challenging for teachers to build lesson plans and curriculum on their own while staying on top of new trends, information, and techniques. You need an easy way to involve other teachers, experts, and stakeholders in the process.

Rather than start from scratch, use Intelligent Search & Discovery to surface content you and your colleagues have created that’s relevant to the lesson you’re working on. You can also discover experts, information, and resources in different subject areas. 
Once you have a first draft, create a channel in Microsoft Teams and invite other teachers to give feedback. You can talk through their input with chat, audio, or video calls. You can also work on the document together in real time and avoid version control issues. 
When your lesson plan is complete, share it with your students in a OneNote Class Notebook. OneNote is an online notebook that lets teachers create a content library for handouts, lesson  plans, and creative activities. You can even add other teachers to the notebook to continue providing input.
  • Discover existing curricula to fill out your lesson plan. 
  • Easily get input from colleagues. 
  • Share lessons with a digital notebook.