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Collect and analyze holiday sales performance data

Holiday sales provide a significant portion of annual sales revenue. It is important to set and track sales goals, meet budgets, and retain information so you can plan for success. You need to be able to analyze past data and current trends, visualizing your findings so that stakeholders and associates can make informed decisions.

Quickly analyze your holiday sales data with Excel. You can pull in a wide set of data to evaluate which products, services, and locations performed best. 
Provide insight from multiple angles by presenting the data in a PivotTable or charting it in a PivotChart. You can easily identify which areas fell short of sales goals and which were successful. 
When you’re ready to share your findings, transfer the data from Excel into Power BI. The interactive dashboards and reports make it easy for stakeholders to see success highlights and assess areas of improvement.
  • Analyze data, visualize sales trends, and generate reports quickly. 
  • Present complex holiday sales data in a visual format to expedite decision-making. 
  • Identify areas, products, and locations that might require attention to meet future sales goals.