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Collect and analyze social media, web, and print outreach data

There’s no time to spare when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your media plan. You need a simple, fast way to collect internal and external social media, web, and print outreach data. Once compiled, the data should show success metrics and be visually transformable to forecast future results and trends.

With Microsoft Excel, you can easily collect data from multiple sources in one easy-to-use spreadsheet. Using Delve, you can find out who else is working on the same data in case there’s any other information that might be relevant to your goals. 
The built-in tools in Excel let you compile and transform your media data and display it in a visual format, allowing you to develop and share insights. You can also forecast and predict future possibilities from historical time-based data. 
With Power BI, you can transform the data from Excel into interactive displays, letting you monitor ongoing  trends and access your data on the go. It also allows you to collaborate with experts and stakeholders to analyze your findings and identify campaign adjustments.
  • Quickly analyze media strategy data to gain insights. 
  • Make decisions faster with easy-to-understand data tables and charts. 
  • Present complex data in a visual format that’s easy to understand.