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Conduct sales training for store employees across the globe

Training employees onsite individually or in small groups can be expensive and time consuming. You need to standardize training for employees around the world and give them secure, easy access to the materials they need, regardless of location and language spoken.

Use Microsoft Teams to host interactive, online trainings sessions. Store documents in the Files tabs so employees can easily access and reference them any time. 
Use Microsoft Steam to record live trainings, videos, and presentations and store them in Teams so everyone can access them, no matter their time zone. 
Offer follow-up training and answer questions in Yammer to help new employees continue the onboarding process. Use Yammer’s Message Translation feature to ensure all employees can participate and get responses to their inquiries.
  • Train employees around the world from one central location. 
  • Give employees one place to access to training materials, videos, and presentations.
  • Enable ongoing dialogue between trainees and instructors.