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Learn about Microsoft 365

Connect to the classroom from anywhere

Educators are often on the go. You need an easy way to connect with students and access curriculum assets, resources, and documents from anywhere, on any device, without having to search.

Get more done from anywhere with the Office 365 mobile apps. Download your favorites, like PowerPoint, to begin creating a presentation on your tablet or smartphone. 
By saving your files to OneDrive, they’re always available no matter where you are, and you can easily share them with others. 
When it’s time for class, use Microsoft Teams to teach remotely. You can present the material by sharing your screen or you can upload your presentation to the chat or Files tab and make it available to everyone. Interact with students via video and chat to promote ongoing discussions.
  • Create, edit, and store presentations from anywhere, on any device. 
  • Easily share lesson plans and documents with students and other teachers. 
  • Lead virtual classes remotely.