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Connect with transportation crew coworkers in real time

Communicate instantly with other members of your flight crew, transit drivers, and transportation personnel in real time, no matter where you are.

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Keep up to date with mobile access to the information you need

As a transportation crew member, you are rarely sitting in front of a computer, but you still need to stay current with the latest information to do your job safely and effectively. You can download the Yammer app to your mobile device and keep up to date with announcements, weather reports, and status updates in a Yammer group.

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Stay engaged with your team to improve customer service

Keeping customers safe, comfortable, and happy while moving them quickly to their destination is key to your success and that of your company. When you use Yammer to connect with coworkers and headquarters from your mobile device, you can quickly get answers to customers' questions, solve problems in the field, and let coworkers and decision-makers know what works and doesn't work. With Yammer, your team can surface and discuss potential improvements and swiftly implement them to improve your customers' experience.

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Receive and respond to updates from management from wherever you are

With Yammer, you can stay up to date with what's going on across the company and back at headquarters, even when you are in the field. Yammer provides real-time access to conversations, announcements, and resources. When the CEO holds a Skype Meeting Broadcast to announce an update or new initiative to the entire company, you can discuss and respond to the announcement in an embedded Yammer conversation.

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Quickly receive safety training and procedure updates

Safety procedures and protocols can change quickly in the transportation industry, and it's essential to the well-being of passengers and crew alike that all crew members be fully up to date on current practices. When you are connected with your crew's Yammer group, you can receive an updated procedure immediately as a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel attachment to a Yammer conversation. If training is needed, managers and safety officers can provide streaming video you can view on your device in a Microsoft Stream channel linked to your Yammer group.

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Make decisions faster with built-in collaboration tools

When you and your coworkers are on the job, you could be anywhere in the world. Comparing notes about customer experiences and sharing ideas about a new process can be almost impossible. But when your crew is already united in a Yammer social network, you can quickly initiate and respond to new ideas by using the resources already available in your Yammer group, and take advantage of Yammer's integration with Office to review and comment on resources such as documents in real time.

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Case Studies

Global Airline Uses Enterprise Social and Online Communication Tools to Improve Service

British Airways (BA) has a workforce of approximately 41,000 colleagues, the majority of whom work outside of the office. To help colleagues connect with each other and better serve customers, BA is implementing Microsoft Office 365 and the Yammer Enterprise social networking service. These applications work on mobile devices so colleagues can share their expertise, improve service, increase engagement with the brand, and drive business strategies.

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