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One of the challenges of having an organization with multiple offices is employees can feel siloed. If they don’t have access to the latest information, it can affect response times and customer service. You need an easy way to help your employees stay connected with one another and get support anywhere, anytime.


Connect your entire organization with Yammer, an enterprise social network. You can share company updates, the mission, and core values, so everyone has the latest information and feels more connected to the company.


No matter where your employees work, Yammer makes it easy for them to connect with team members with similar roles to solve problems faster. Yammer uses insights from Microsoft Graph to deliver personalized search results based on their interests and interactions at the company. Employees can find experts, conversations, and files that can prevent them from duplicating work and starting from scratch.


Use Polls to gather feedback quickly and Praise to recognize contributions from peers. Plus, with the Yammer app for iOS and Android, people across your organization can stay connected anywhere they go.

  • Share information and updates with the entire organization.
  • Use forums and polls to gain company insights.
  • Connect team members with similar roles to share information and troubleshoot to increase productivity.

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