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Continue ongoing client work from anywhere

Ensure more-secure online and offline access to client documents and data in order to keep working from anywhere.

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Work on customer deliverables from anywhere, on any device

While out of the office, you can create a new document or edit an existing one from your tablet or smartphone by using OneDrive and mobile Office apps. By storing your documents in the cloud with OneDrive, you can access it across all of your devices.

From the App Store, you can download and install Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote on your tablet or smartphone. Because your Office 365 apps sync across devices, you can work on a document you started at the office from your smartphone.

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Mine client data and analyses

You can easily find client data and existing presentations on SharePoint with powerful search. Organizations use SharePoint sites as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information, from almost any device.

When you search a SharePoint site, your query searches the current site and any subsites below it. When you know that the content you are looking for is contained in a specific list or library, start your search in the search box on that list or library.

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Secure partner signoff on client deliverables

When you need feedback quickly, you can pool resources with coworkers by simultaneously editing files using Office 365 coauthoring capabilities. Because you're already storing your documents in the cloud with OneDrive, you can quickly share your file with colleagues and work together in real-time, seeing edits as they happen, while your changes are automatically synced back to the cloud.

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Share deliverables with clients

When you're happy with your document, you can easily and securely share it with your clients with Outlook Modern Attachments. When you send an attachment that's saved to the cloud, you ensure everyone is viewing the same copy of the document. Clients can access the attachment from virtually any device. As you're sending, choose whether to allow your clients edit or just read-only permission on the document.  

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Case Studies

Social enterprise reduces costs and expands services with flexible cloud-based solution

The Wise Group implemented a hybrid Microsoft communications and collaboration solution, with some hosted services and some on-premises. It benefitted from reduced administration and improved communication, but it still faced challenges with its aging telephony system, and it needed a more flexible solution to help the company grow. It decided to upgrade its hosted services to Microsoft Office 365. With the flexibility of Office 365, it expects to reduce costs even further, and to increase productivity and innovation.

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