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Create high-quality sales reports

Developing professional sales reports can be time consuming and costly. You need an easy way to display your data with compelling graphics that accurately represent the data.


Decide the best way to display your data by refining and sorting it in Excel. The Recommended Charts command will instantly show you which charts will best represent your data.


Get more specific with Maps in Power View in Excel to display your territory sales data according to region. When you add locations, Maps places dots on a visual map to easily show the bigger picture.


Once you’ve made the charts and graphics, bring your work into PowerPoint to share it with the team and stakeholders. PowerPoint QuickStarter gives you suggestions to easily design a professional presentation. Use Morph to add in cinematic motion to create smooth transitions from one slide to the next.

  • Get recommendations on the best way to present sales data.
  • Create a visual map with your geographical data.
  • Use cinematic motion between slides to add polish to your presentation.

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