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Create customized sales presentations faster

Using a third-party designer to build your sales presentation takes extra time and money. You need an easy way to find content, get input, and create professional-looking presentations.


When you need to prepare a quick presentation, leverage existing content with Intelligent Search and Discovery. It searches all Office 365 public documents and surfaces the most relevant content that you can then customize with your client’s information.


You can quickly identify your customers’ priorities by soliciting industry experts in a Yammer group. Post questions and content to get feedback from experts across your organization and create an external Yammer group to spark conversations with customers themselves.


Once you have content, easily create visually appealing sales presentations with PowerPoint. Use templates or themes to get a professional layout without using a design team. Add an image or chart, and PowerPoint Designer automatically suggests design options.

  • Engage customers to discover their interests.
  • Leverage existing content rather than starting from scratch.
  • Create professional, visually appealing presentations without a third-party designer.

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