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Deliver clear manufacturing requirements

To deliver manufacturing requirements, you have to compile information from internal stakeholders, teams, and suppliers. You need an easy way to ensure the latest specs, requirements, and regulatory concerns are captured in your documentation and make it easily accessible to subcontractors.

Create a Microsoft Teams channel to collect and understand manufacturing requirements. Upload existing documents into the Files tab to allow all participants to edit, update, and coauthor in real time and to ensure the information is accurate, including incorporating all of the latest product specs. 
When you need information from other departments or suppliers, use Yammer to gather additional requirements, products, and vendor availability. 
When you’ve compiled all your information and finalized your document in Teams, share it company-wide on Yammer. Yammer is integrated with SharePoint, so anyone with permission can access and edit the document from anywhere.
  • Store, edit, and review manufacturer requirements from anywhere. 
  • Easily ask for documents and information from anyone in the company. 
  • Share final documents and give permission to anyone to edit and improve.