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Respond to executive and client needs and deliver reports in a timely manner.

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Work on a report from anywhere, on any device

While out of the office, you can work on your financial analysis in Excel from OneDrive while on your mobile device. Files stored in OneDrive are automatically saved to the cloud and synced across your devices.

When you open the workbook to continue working on your financial analysis, the workbook opens in the Excel mobile app. When you return to your office computer, you can see the changes you made from your mobile device and resume your work.

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Revise the report with colleagues

When you're ready for input on the report, you can work together on the financial analysis in Excel in real time. Because your document is already saved in OneDrive, you and your colleagues can all work on the same copy and see each other's changes as soon as they're made.

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Deliver the report to the client on time

When the analysis report is ready for delivery, you can quickly and securely send it to your client as an Outlook attachment in the form of a link. When you send a link to a file saved to the cloud, you can ensure that everyone is viewing the same copy of the file, and you never have to worry about file size limits for email recipients. Clients can access the file from virtually any device. As you're sending, choose whether to give your client edit or just read-only permission on the report.

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Go over the details "face-to-face"

Schedule a follow-up meeting with your clients to share analysis of the report and walk through key insights in a Skype for Business videoconference. Skype for Business is instant messaging (IM), calling, video calling, sharing, and collaboration all rolled into one solution. You can share the report and use the whiteboard feature to capture feedback during the meeting. You and your clients can join or start a meeting with just one click, from anywhere and on most devices.

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Case Studies

Leading African reinsurer turns to the cloud to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency

Pan-African reinsurance outfit, Continental Reinsurance, needed to address power outages in its native Lagos. The outages were leading to lost emails. It implemented Office 365 and not only gained 99.9% availability (successfully handling the outage issue), but also a raft of further compelling benefits. These range from dramatic cost savings and anytime, anywhere mobility to significant productivity gains and the removal of time-consuming, inefficient, paper-based processes.

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