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Deliver on-target client proposals

Client proposals need to be customized, informative, and visually compelling to make the most impact. You need an easy way to deliver tailored proposals that leverage your knowledge and experience with past clients to win over new ones.


Ensure your proposals are on-target by searching for previous presentations with Delve. This surfaces relevant content within your organization based on the work you’re doing.


When you have a draft in place and need feedback, create a channel in Microsoft Teams. You can share files, gather additional client information, and work together in real time.


When your proposal is complete, use Sway to deliver it to your client. Add in text, pictures, and graphics to showcase information in a way that’s easy to understand and gets your client’s attention.

  • Search for previous client proposals.
  • Work together to prepare a compelling and personalized client proposal.
  • Make your proposal visually interactive.

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