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Deliver onboarding materials and schedule training

Use versatile communication and content-sharing tools to quickly onboard your new workers.

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Make training resources available in advance

Prepare your new employees for onboarding by sharing training packets in advance via Teams. Supervisors can use Teams to store, organize, and share important company information, from training materials and employee handbooks to product specs and sales pitches. Employees can easily access the information from almost any device, making Teams the ideal solution for Firstline workers. Before a training session, just add your new workers to your Teams team to give them access to Team Files. Then anyone who wants to prepare ahead of time can access these resources from wherever they are.

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Schedule and deliver virtual training sessions

The Teams scheduling feature makes it easy for you to schedule time for your workers to complete their training. Then, when it's time to lead the training session, you can train employees remotely with the help of Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast. You can deliver virtual training with full voice and HD video for up to 10,000 attendees, who can join from anywhere, and on any device. Add features to the session to encourage trainee participation, like Microsoft Pulse, so that you can field questions and gain insight into how the training is going. Finally, if some of your employees can't attend, you can record the session and share it out on Teams to bring them up to speed.

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Create, update, and share onboarding documents

When you've completed your initial training, you can use the apps available in Office 365 to create permanent, updatable training documents for reference and future training events. You can upload a single master document or multiple smaller documents for specific role training, and revise them as job requirements change. When you post these onboarding documents to the Teams Files tab, you make them available to your entire team, including Firstline workers, providing a standard, centralized location for resource sharing.

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Open a dialogue among your employees after the training

After the training, you can reinforce the concepts you covered and keep the conversation going in a Yammer Group. Yammer is an enterprise social network where businesses share information across teams and organize around projects. In a Yammer Group, you can reply to a message to further the dialogue, provide useful information or insight, ask questions, provide answers, and highlight best practices for other employees to see.

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Case Studies

British retailer empowers employees with cloud services, enhances customer experience

After nearly 15 years of global expansion, Tesco, a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, turned to Microsoft Office 365 which includes Yammer to reaffirm its commitment to being a supportive, inclusive employer. Using the cloud-based productivity tools to share ideas, build communities, and work efficiently, Tesco employees, referred to internally as colleagues, enjoy non-hierarchical communications and a collaborative culture that motivates them to work together and improve customer service.

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