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Deliver personalized content to clients and stakeholders

Offer richer, more personalized experiences to your customers and other stakeholders, to solidify existing relationships and more efficiently develop new ones.

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Create compelling, personalized investment reports

When preparing a new investment report to share with your clients, you can quickly and easily create polished and interactive reports with Sway. Start by adding your own text and branding images, and then find and import the data visualizations, graphs, and other personalized content you have created for your clients, right from Excel, Power BI, or an external source such as Salesforce. 

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Relay information to clients and coworkers even when they are remotely located

When new investment opportunities arise, advise your clients "face-to-face" with Skype for Business videoconferencing. Skype for Business is instant messaging (IM), calling, video calling, sharing and collaboration all rolled into one solution. You and your customers can join or start a meeting with just one click, from anywhere, and on any device.

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Send proposals and reports to clients and your team faster

If you're engaging a new client, turnaround and securely send investment proposals quickly using an Outlook Modern Attachment. When you send files that are stored in the cloud, you save time and eliminate confusion by sharing one copy of the document with your recipient. As you're sending, choose whether to allow your new client edit or just read-only permission on the proposal.

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Case Studies

The cloud that helps Metro Bank bring back customer service

Metro Bank is reinventing the customer experience by eliminating the all-too-familiar pain-points experienced at a bank – the long waits, complex rules, confusing processes, and barrage of marketing offers. Metro Bank is leveraging technology to give people what they want, and they’re doing it faster, making it easier, and delivering it via the communication channel that’s most convenient to the customer. With nearly 100% year-on-year growth, Metro Bank is succeeding – but not by serving customers, by creating "fans.“

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