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Detect, analyze, and protect against external security threats

Your organization can monitor, report, and analyze activity so it can react promptly to detect and protect against external security threats to organization and client data.

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Reduce malicious attachments and links

Despite heightened awareness of spam and phishing techniques, malicious email attachments and links are still two of the most frequent ways unauthorized users gain access to your organization’s sensitive data and documents. The best way to prevent a potentially disastrous data leak is to detect, reroute, and disarm these unsafe email attachments and links before they get to your data. Organizations can protect their email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks by using Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to intelligently detect and disarm malicious email content.

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Prompt and alert users to breaches and malware detections

If your organization has a data breach or malware attack, a window of vulnerability opens that exposes your data and files to unauthorized users. The organization must identify and deal with the threat as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Office 365 Threat Intelligence helps to proactively uncover and protect against advanced threats in Office 365. Deep insights into threats—provided by Microsoft’s global presence, the Intelligent Security Graph, and input from cyber threat hunters—allow your IT department to quickly and effectively enable alerts, dynamic policies, and security solutions.

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Identify and address suspicious user behavior

Office 365 and its fully integrated tools and apps provide broad, industry-leading protection against suspicious user behavior by identifying potential threats before your data is exposed. With Office 365 audit logs, your IT department can monitor and track user and administrator activities across apps and devices, which helps with early detection and investigation of security and compliance issues.

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Identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and threats

Office 365 Advanced Security Management alerts you to potential breaches of your network. Your IT department can set up activity policies to track and respond to high-risk actions. Anomaly detection policies evaluate user activities against over 70 different indicators, including sign-in failures, administrator activity, inactive accounts, and impossible travel scenarios such as a user checking email from New York and then two minutes later, downloading a document from SharePoint from Tokyo. Advanced Security Management incorporates insights into the threat landscape gained by Microsoft from operating a range of cloud services on a massive worldwide scale.

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Get rich reporting that tracks links and messages

Your organization can gain critical insights into who is being targeted and the category of attacks the organization is facing by using Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. Your IT department can use reporting and message tracing to investigate messages that have been blocked due to viruses or malware.

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Case Studies

Mediterranean Shipping Company standardizes with Office 365, reduces costs by 45 percent

The Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) transports cargo across 200 sea routes to 315 ports. To improve the coordination of global, door-to-door service, employees use Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based collaboration tools. With mobile access to files and one-click video calls, employees work together to stay on top of tight shipping schedules, unpredictable weather, and changing customer needs to offer personal customer support. And with Office 365, MSC reduced the costs of workplace solutions by 45 percent.

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