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Develop an effective Go-to-Market strategy

Effective Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies require teamwork and communication to build successful product and service launches. Documentation must be findable and easily updated, and should be accessible to all team members, both internally and externally. Tasks and work items need to be tracked and completed to ensure delivery of a viable and successful strategy.

Create easier ways for teams to collaborate on your next GTM strategy with dedicated channels in Microsoft Teams. Use one channel for market research or messaging pillars and another to start your strategic plan. 
You can also add documents and files right into the conversation, so everyone can see them. Or upload important documents into the Files tab to reference later. 
Use @mentions to ping team members and let them know you added content, ask for feedback on content, and make strategy decisions faster. You can also assign tasks and make sure everyone is meeting deadlines for your next launch.
  • Streamline team workflow. 
  • Store documents and files in a shared space for faster access. 
  • Get people’s attention quickly to assign tasks, request feedback, and make decisions.