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Develop impactful project deliverables as a team

Foster real-time contributions among consultants and analysts to get the best possible deliverables in the shortest possible timeframe.

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Centralize team collaboration

Keep up to date on progress and collaborate efficiently as a team through a dedicated Office 365 Group. Office 365 Groups is a feature developed with collaboration in mind. A group includes a shared workspace for email, conversations, files, and calendar events so group members can communicate, collaborate, and quickly get stuff done.

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Work off the same notes to drive deliverables

You can ensure your team is working off the same collection of project notes with OneNote. Every Office 365 Group comes with a connected OneNote shared notebook. You can use this notebook to go back and review ideas, meeting notes, and project information compiled by your teammates to help drive deliverables forward.

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Share a central document library

Using the Office 365 Group's shared document library in OneDrive, you can expedite deliverable review cycles by tracking contributions and feedback on the same file. When you create a file or folder in the group’s OneDrive page, it is automatically shared with all members of the group. If you add additional members to the group, they also automatically get shared access to the files.

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Finalize the deliverable, together

When you're ready to finalize the deliverable, you can seek collective agreement from your team members in real-time using Office Apps co-authoring. Because the file is already saved to the cloud in your Group's OneDrive library, everyone can work in the document with you at the same time. By saving the document to the cloud, you and your advisors are all working off the same copy, and can see each other's changes as soon as they're made.

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Case Studies

Consulting firm’s field and office workers meet in cloud to speed report production

D 7 Consulting wanted to tighten communication among its field, office, and customers. Several workers began using the beta version of Microsoft Office 365 to store documents in the cloud, access and edit documents simultaneously from anywhere, and communicate via instant messaging and videoconferencing. They’ve shown that, with Office 365, the firm can streamline report creation, be more responsive to customers, and reduce technology worries.

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