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Develop investment proposals with real-time expert help

Identify analysts, risk managers, and traders and instantly get their advice while researching the right solution for a client.

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Discover insights from internal subject matter experts

When you’re researching a new investment or portfolio for a client, you can tap into the knowledge of experts throughout the company by using the Yammer enterprise social network. You can post a question about an investment prospect to spark a new conversation, and even loop in a specific analyst with an @mention to alert them to the thread.

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Get on-the-spot help from an expert

When you have found an expert who has the guidance you need, you can send them an instant message from anywhere by using Skype for Business to get your specific questions answered and run the proposal past them. With Skype for Business, you and your colleague can use whatever format works best for your needs: instant messaging, calling, video calling, and even screen sharing.

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Uncover information about the company's investment preferences

You can quickly understand what investment options advisors in your network favor by leveraging tailored information surfaced for you on Delve. Delve helps you discover information that's likely to be most interesting to you right now through the power of the Office Graph. Delve Boards group and share related documents. You can, for example, search for a board about effective investment strategies. Boards are open to everyone in your organization, but if a board has documents that require specific access, you won't be able to see them. Only content you are allowed to see will surface.

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Edit files with an expert advisor in real time, from anywhere

Join forces with your expert advisor to edit an investment proposal simultaneously by using coauthoring capabilities in Office 365 apps. First, save the document to OneDrive or SharePoint, so you both can work in it in real time. By saving the document to the cloud, you and your advisor both work off the same copy and can see each other's changes as soon as they're made.

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Case Studies

Banking on an enterprise social network

Africa’s largest financial services provider by asset value and market cap is also one of its oldest: Standard Bank has a 152-year history in South Africa and similar long-standing histories in many other African countries. Standard Bank may be a venerable institution, but its approach to business and technology is anything but old fashioned.

Social tools and techniques are central to the bank’s strategy for keeping up with the pace of twenty-first century business. “Everything is speeding up because we’re all connected in ways we weren’t just a few years ago,” says Executive Head of Interactive Marketing Bellinda Carreira. “To stay relevant as a business, we have to keep pace with the market, understand customer needs, and crowd source the best ideas to meet those needs. That’s why we’re using Yammer. It’s helping us make a culture shift toward a much more dynamic organization.”

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