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Quickly analyze data and create reports

Tools that quickly analyze data help you to understand patterns and predict future possibilities, so that team members can easily develop and share insights. When you store data in Excel, you can easily create a variety of visual reports. Using the Quick Analysis feature of Excel, you can instantly identify and create charts that suit the type of data you’re working with. Excel 2016 has a wide variety of chart types, including the traditional line and bar charts, and more-complex tree map, waterfall, pareto, histogram, box and whisker, and sunburst charts.

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Present complex data in clear and compelling visuals

When you’re tracking historical time-based data, you can easily create a Forecast Sheet that predicts future possibilities. When you’re tracking data against metrics, you can use the PowerPivot feature of Excel to create scorecards that use conditional formatting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as base values, target values, and status thresholds. These and other Excel reporting features provide visual representations of data that you can share with team members to make faster, more-effective business decisions.

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Speed up decision making by displaying large amounts of data quickly

When you have a large amount of data, you can provide insight from multiple angles by presenting it in a PivotTable or charting it in a PivotChart. By using either of these Excel features, you can easily surface the specific aspects of the data that you need to make decisions. You can add slicers or timeline controls to make the data accessible to team members.

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Share dashboards and reports so that everyone can work with the same data

Transfer data from Excel and other sources into Power BI and display it in interactive dashboards, so that experts and stakeholders can collaborate to analyze existing processes and identify areas for improvement. Using Power BI, you can monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard, create rich interactive reports, and access your data on the go.

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Case Studies

Land O' Lakes: Cultivating connections and greater efficiency using data, from farm to table

Arden Hills, Minnesota–based Land O’Lakes, Inc. offers extensive agricultural services and works hard to support growth to help feed the world’s rising population. To help employees work more closely with farmers, customers, and colleagues, the company adopted Microsoft Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Surface Pro devices. It is also exploring the comprehensive Office 365 E5 suite to support employees, whether they’re visiting a co-op member’s dairy farm or analyzing crops in a field.

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