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Delve surfaces the people and content most relevant to your work based on what you’re working on, who you’re working with, and what is trending. Through an intuitive card-based interface, Delve creates a personalized view of what’s happening around you.

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Discover and be discovered

Delve not only helps you discover information relevant to your work, but helps you locate expertise across your organization. You can view someone’s profile page simply by clicking on their name in Delve. On a profile page, you see information about them and what documents they're working on. You also see people they're connected to, and popular documents from people around them.

Your profile page in Delve is a great opportunity to let others know more about you, what you're good at, and what you're working on right now. Add projects, skills, and education history to your profile to help others find you when they're looking for people with a certain expertise.

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Working with cards and boards

In Delve, documents, pages, videos and more show up as content cards. The information on the content card helps you understand why the item would be interesting or relevant to you. Boards are similar; in a Delve Board, relevant information and documents are grouped together so you can see related content in a single place, no matter where they are stored throughout your organization.

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You’re always in control

You're always in control. Only you can see your private documents in Delve, unless you decide to share them. Delve only shows you documents that you have access to, and you can always review and manage access simply by clicking ‘Who can see this?’ People can't see your private activities, such as what documents you've read, what emails you've sent and received, or what Skype for Business conversations you've been in. Other people can see that you've modified a document, but only if they have access to the same document.

What you see in Delve is different from what other people see. You can see your private documents and other documents that you have access to. Other people can see their documents and documents that they have access to.

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