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Drive sales efficiency through an enterprise social network

Connect sales reps across the globe with the current information, real-time support, and relevant insights they need to drive sales success.

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Build a network of trusted colleagues to support sales activities

Effective sales reps are naturally good communicators, but when they are dispersed around the world, keeping them connected can be a challenge. Sales teams can bridge the gap by connecting everyone in a communication channel they are already fluent in: social networking. With the Yammer enterprise social network, reps can converse with their peers, follow companywide conversations, and keep up with the latest best practices, account insights, and sales strategies from management. Yammer can also integrate with third-party sales tools and software, making it a powerful, one-stop platform for sales reps on the go.

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Help sales reps find critical product information any time, from anywhere

Whether they are on a sales floor or meeting at a customer's site far from the main office, sales reps need the most current and pertinent product information at their fingertips. In a SharePoint team site, you can create a document library to store and share product line specs, sales documents, videos, and much more. SharePoint integrates with Yammer through Office Groups, so sales reps can quickly access the information they need. And with the Yammer mobile app, sales reps can tap into these resources from their own device, any time they need them.

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Tap into customer preferences and predict requests to generate leads

To learn more about customer preferences, sales and marketing teams can invite customers to share their feedback through a Yammer external group. In an external group, teams can conduct polls and pose questions directly from Yammer. External participants can see only those Yammer groups that are specifically set up as external, so the company's internal communications are secure. When the teams have the customer feedback they need, they can join internal conversations on Yammer to talk about their findings and generate viable leads.

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Easily pull subject matter experts into sales conversations

When a customer asks a question, the speed with which the sales rep can come back with the right answer can make the difference between a sales win or loss. The Yammer social network can be the expert in your pocket, allowing you to post customer questions to the network, and instantly tap into the expertise of the entire company, directly from your device. Or for face-to-face interaction, you can use the Skype for Business mobile app to pull a product expert into a customer meeting in real time.

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Case Studies

Brewing company uses Office 365 for global collaboration and business efficiency

To efficiently manage more than 140 master beer brands in a global market, the Carlsberg Group is using Microsoft Office 365 to foster teamwork and collaboration among 40,000 employees in 27 countries. The company accelerated the teamwork required to quickly build a single, agile, and scalable supply chain to optimize distribution to its markets. Employees enjoy increased mobility and can work better together in building a global brand that caters to local tastes

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