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Easily manage and track external marketing campaigns

Creating an external marketing campaign means bringing together the right people and resources to launch it, as well as tracking its performance. You need an easy way to create and manage your campaigns, track results, and share findings with stakeholders.


Manage external marketing campaigns in Microsoft Teams. Use chat and audio or video calling to agree on campaign objectives and ideate themes. You can also coauthor documents in real time and upload shared files, giving everyone on the team access.


Once you launch your campaign, add Excel in a tab to gather campaign data from numerous sources. You can easily measure and track the data with Quick Analysis in Excel and create graphs and charts that give you insights into your campaign performance.


Import your data from Excel into Power BI to display results with an interactive dashboard. Choose from a variety of visualizations and colorful, interactive charts to help managers and stakeholders understand the results.

  • Work together to set marketing goals for campaigns.
  • Measure and track campaigns.
  • Create interactive charts to help stakeholders understand the results.