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Easily plan and manage pop-up stores

One of the challenges of pop-up retail is managing event preparation and troubleshooting issues. When you’re launching your pop-up store, you need to prepare and communicate logistics, team member schedules, marketing initiatives, and success metrics in real time.

Manage your logistics in Microsoft Teams. Create channels to manage different teams, such as sales associates. Team members can view their schedule and request changes. 
Add tabs for store marketing and promotion materials or site logistics, like shipping and insurance, so everyone has instant access to it. Bring in Connectors to stay on top of your social media feeds. 
Add Planner in your Teams channel to help you stick to your timeline. Assign and track tasks and get approval on content and event plans quickly.
  • Manage schedules and approvals quickly. 
  • Assign and track tasks. 
  • Give team members easy access to content, tools, and promotional materials.