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Gather company-wide expertise to build a best practices playbook

Capturing best practices and sharing experiences from your entire company requires communication. You need to easily connect with experts to get input and stories to build a best practices playbook and make it accessible to everyone in the company.


Find information for your playbook with Intelligent Search and Discovery, which surfaces relevant content that’s been created in your company based on the work you’re currently doing.


When you have a draft, create a Yammer group to gather additional best practices. Use @mentions to ping team leaders to ask for feedback and input on appropriate content for playbooks for each department.


Make your final playbook accessible and easily discoverable by saving it to SharePoint and let everyone in your Yammer group know where they can find the information.

  • Ask experts and teams company-wide to share best practices.
  • Save feedback and documents in one location.
  • Make the playbook accessible to all employees.

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