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Empower and engage employees in an enterprise social network

Attract and retain the best people by creating a collaborative corporate culture in which every voice is heard.

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Engage employees by building communities of interest

Engage employees across functions and geographical divides by connecting everyone in a communication channel they are already fluent in: social networking. With the Yammer enterprise social network, HR teams can build communities of interest to support and engage employees at work and beyond. For example, you can connect sellers around the world who specialize in a specific industry, allowing them to share best practices and emerging trends. You can also use Yammer to sponsor employee work-life balance communities, such as parenting, activity, and continuing education groups.

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Leverage digital tools to engage a mobile workforce

Firstline workers are often not connected to the rest of the company by computer workstations, and busy managers and executives are often away from their desks. Office 365's mobile apps can engage these segments by providing secure, familiar productivity and communication tools—like Yammer—that they can access from their mobile devices to check in, ask and answer questions of peers, and connect with other employees from anywhere.

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Quickly onboard new hires

Getting new employees up to speed is more than a matter of introducing them to their new manager and pointing them to training—much of their true training comes through absorbing the company's culture and finding the day-to-day channels by which connections really get made and problems really get solved. Human Resources teams can speed up this process by creating a Yammer group specifically for new hires. A New Hires group can spark conversations among new and seasoned employees, provide a forum for questions and answers, and introduce newcomers to the rest of the workforce.

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Foster mentoring across the organization

Mentoring can be crucial to the successful onboarding of new hires, as well as the continuing development of your workforce. With the right mentoring relationship, employees feel confident, supported, and engaged in the company's success. But finding the time to build a strong mentoring partnership can be a challenge. HR teams can help connect new hires with mentors by creating a Yammer community around mentorship, where possible mentees and mentors can find each other. Mentor partnerships can build on these first conversations by using Skype for Business to connect with voice or video calls from anywhere.

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Store and share training and development materials

Whether you are onboarding a new hire or training the entire workforce in a new process, you can make it easy for employees to access training and development materials directly from Yammer. Because Yammer integrates with Office Groups, employees can connect to a SharePoint document library to access large files such as company policies and training videos, or contribute to a OneNote notebook to share tips, tricks, and best practices, all from within Yammer.

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Case Studies

Social technology weaves an enterprise together

One reason for Esquel’s embrace of enterprise social networking is its desire to unite different geographies and lines of business. “It’s easy to invest in systems and processes, but it’s difficult to find ones that help you build a company culture,” says Edgar Tung, Managing Director of Human Resources and Group Organizational Development. “But Yammer does just that.”

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