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Quickly share information and discuss topics to agree on next steps

To effectively communicate across your team and eliminate information silos, you can connect your team in a single, efficient platform—Yammer. With Yammer, managers and group leaders can make announcements to the entire team to keep everyone up to date, sharing videos or photos and Office 365 files as needed. With Yammer, you can quickly bring everyone in to participate in the conversation, regardless of where they are. And because Yammer is integrated with Office 365, you can share working files directly to SharePoint or a OneNote notebook for anyone in the group to access.

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Open discussions with other departments in a shared environment

Sometimes, you have to look outside your own team for the expertise you need to make informed decisions. As an open space, Yammer allows you to quickly connect with coworkers you don’t necessarily work with on a day-to-day basis. With Yammer, you can ask a question to the group, and anyone can @mention subject matter experts to help contribute to the answer. Uniting your team with Yammer can expand the team’s knowledge base and spark innovation. Anyone in the group can then start a new conversation the next time they have a great idea to share.

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Conduct companywide meetings from anywhere

If you have important information that needs to be shared with the entire company, you can conduct a Skype for Business Broadcast meeting. With a broadcast meeting, you can connect up to 10,000 participants in a single meeting session, reaching them wherever they are, and on almost any device. During the meeting, engage audience participation in real time with the Microsoft Pulse voting app. You can even create a video of the meeting and post it to OneDrive or SharePoint for future reference, and you can embed your Yammer feed so that the audience can ask questions from anywhere in real time and carry on the conversation after the meeting.

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Provide access to content in a centralized repository

Hunting down resources or the most current file for a group project or deliverable can consume hours of precious time across the life of a project. You can provide your coworkers with easy access to the files they need, right from within your Yammer group. Yammer makes it easy to share information and documents, because every group in Yammer is an Office 365 group—members are immediately connected with a set of shared resources.

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Create a virtual expert network to streamline decision making

Yammer is your network of experts right in your pocket. With Yammer, you can post questions or problems to the network, and instantly tap into the expertise of the experts you’ve added to your network. Everyone in your Yammer group has direct access from their Android, iOS, or Windows device, any time they need it. Your Discovery feed surfaces conversations that are relevant to the work you do and connects you to experts you might not have known before.

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Case Studies

Aon moves to the cloud to unlock productivity and connect its global workforce

Aon, one of the world’s leading providers of risk management and human resources solutions, has 66,000 employees working for clients in more than 120 countries. As a globally dispersed company, Aon knew the importance of finding a strong communication and collaboration solution that was not limited to email. “We needed an open, real-time, knowledge-sharing platform where information could be broadcasted transparently and dispersed swiftly,” says Neeru Arora, chief knowledge officer at Aon. The company decided to deploy Microsoft Office 365 to enable powerful employee connections and robust knowledge-sharing. Employees now use Office 365 productivity tools to share best practices, form dynamic teams and collaborate and communicate with colleagues across the building or on opposite sides of the world.

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