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Build curriculum together to meet student needs

Identifying deficiencies and making improvements is necessary to meet the needs of students. You need an easy way to connect with other teachers, obtain input from different stakeholders, and make resources accessible to everyone.

Connect with experts and resources by creating a Microsoft Teams channel. Use the Files tab to share curriculum and coauthor documents in real time. Use @mentions to let other teachers know you need their feedback. 
For questions outside your Team’s inner network, create an external Yammer group to get feedback from experts and stakeholders from across the district. 
Save your work to SharePoint where other permissioned educators can easily find content within it for their projects using Intelligent Search & Discovery. This gives everyone access to viable, relevant curriculum based on expert input from inside and outside the district.
  • Connect with experts and other teachers to build curriculum. 
  • Work with experts and stakeholders from anywhere.
  • Share resources online to help educators find content for projects.