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Present informative and engaging school data

Presenting complex school reports during a conference isn’t a useful way to get feedback and input about priorities. You need an easy way to evaluate school performance data and share your insights in a visually compelling way.

Access historical student data from your school’s SharePoint site. You can store quarterly conference reports in one location and allow school staff with permission to access the data. 
Import your findings in Excel to discover trends, insights, and forecast future needs. Create graphs to transform reports into visual data that’s easy to understand and share. 
When you’re ready to present your reports, create PowerPoint presentations using one of the professionally designed themes or create your own custom template. Include your graphs from Excel to support your findings, get feedback, and make better, more informed decisions.
  • Create one location to store school reports and data. 
  • Understand trends and forecast future needs. 
  • Use visually compelling graphs in presentations to support insights.