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Expedite decision-making by meeting with clients in real time

Meet with your financial clients on their time, using the communication style that works best for their needs.

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Resolve issues faster by scheduling real-time meetings with clients

When you receive an email from one of your clients asking for clarification of a financial question, you can use Outlook, with its calendar-based notifications and availability information, to quickly schedule and launch a meeting, so that you can provide the needed clarification for everyone at the same time. 

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Prepare with your team ahead of time to ensure a successful client meeting

To prepare for a successful client meeting, you need to make sure your team is ready. You can use Outlook to schedule a Skype for Business online team meeting, regardless of team size. If your company uses Exchange, Outlook shows you team member availability so you can quickly find a meeting time that works for everyone. Include @mentions in your meeting invitation to alert team members when they need to take action, and include attachments or links to provide needed documents ahead of time.

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Choose the communication tool that fits your clients’ needs

You want to use the most appropriate tools to communicate information to your clients. Skype for Business allows you and your clients to participate by using the method that works best for the type of conversation you need to have. In Skype for Business, you can answer casual questions with a quick IM, get a better sense of your clients' response with an audio call, or meet face to face with video. You can even share your desktop to provide a common frame of reference and provide visualizations of data.

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Connect with account executives and experts, from almost anywhere

Skype for Business offers real-time communication solutions that let you find and connect with account executives or company experts by using IM, video, or voice. Skype meetings include phone access options, so your account executives and other team members can call in to the meeting from their phones, even if their internet connection is unreliable or nonexistent.

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Case Studies

Global networking firm clicks to share collective knowledge in the cloud

It takes the whole village at Ixia—all 1,750 talented, global employees—to create great security, test, and visibility products. By deploying Microsoft Office 365 and the modern voice and meeting capabilities of Skype for Business Online, Ixia has made it even easier to share knowledge, find answers fast, and communicate with one another. By standardizing on Skype for Business Online, Ixia can also save about US$100,000 a year and better serve its diverse communications.

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