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Simplify tasks so you can focus on selling

Routine tasks and scheduling can take your energy and attention away from connecting with customers and identifying prospects. You need an easy way to manage information and schedule time with clients.


Make the information you need easy to locate and prioritize by managing your communications in Outlook. Create rules for automatic sorting, flags and tasks.


Avoid time-consuming, frustrating phone-scheduling. Microsoft Bookings gives you an easy-to-set-up, customizable webpage that lets your customers find available times and book appointments 24/7. You get a private calendar for managing your schedule and automatic confirmations and reminders that save you time.


If you need to contact a customer about an appointment or reschedule on the go, the Bookings mobile app gives you full access to your customer and staff calendar info. Use it to email, call, or text customers or easily create new appointments.

  • Efficiently find the information you need to be successful at closing the deal
  • Make scheduling easier for you and your customers.

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