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Use Surface Studio and Windows 10 to transform the way you sketch, model, and share your creative ideas.

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Turn your desk into a creative studio

Transform your inspiration into reality with Surface Studio, a powerful creative device that works with pen, touch, and more. Surface Studio’s one-of-a-kind Gravity Hinge allows you to switch easily from desktop mode to a drafting table in Studio mode, giving you the ultimate creative workspace. Its 6th Generation Intel Core processor supports graphics-intensive software, and its massive, responsive touch screen allows you to see the big picture and immerse yourself in the detail.

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Write and draw naturally with a sensitive digital pen

A brilliant addition to your Surface experience is Surface Pen, a digital pen that you can use naturally to sketch, shade, and paint with artistic precision and fine control, with 4,096 pressure points that respond to the lightest touch. You can also use Surface Pen with Windows Ink to write in Office 365 documents, create sticky notes, annotate and draw on webpages, and more.

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Dial up your creative experience

Add Surface Dial to your creative desktop to easily manipulate colors, lines, views, and much more. With Surface Dial in one hand and Surface Pen in the other, you can unlock your creativity with easy access to shortcuts, controls, and drawing tools without breaking your creative process. Use it on-screen with Surface Studio, Surface Pro, or Surface Book 2; or off-screen with any Windows 10 device.

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Craft eye-catching 3D graphics in minutes

When you need to quickly sketch out a 3D model or create a compelling 3D graphic, you can use the built-in Paint 3D app on your Microsoft 365 powered device to easily create eye-catching 3D images and scenes—no math required!

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Expand your limits with mobile creativity

Break away from your desk with powerful mobile devices optimized for creativity, with vibrant colors, high-resolution screens, and longer battery life. Ultra-light Windows 10 devices such as Surface Pro with LTE Advanced pack all the power of a desktop PC in an easy-to-carry form that travels with you, whether your work takes you across town or around the world.

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Case Studies

College builds well-equipped technology studio to engage with prospective students

Clemson University is well known for the success of its sports teams, but the university still faces some challenges attracting potential students and athletic recruits to its South Carolina campus. To help spread the word about its many benefits, Clemson created a digital creativity studio and stocked it with leading-edge software and hardware tools, including Microsoft Surface devices and Surface Studio workstations. Students now create videos and other materials to bring the Clemson message to the world.

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