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Gain insight into your work habits to manage your time better

Improve your productivity and job satisfaction by gaining rich insights into your work habits, so that you can manage your workload better even in busy holiday times.

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Manage your time effectively and improve your overall sales productivity

When your store is ramping up for holiday sales, efficient processes and tools help you to use your time effectively. When you and your colleagues use Office 365 apps and services, you all save time and effort; you can connect and collaborate with other sales associates to leverage expertise and resources; and you can access your apps and files from almost any location or device. You can find apps, services, recent files and storage locations, and personalization options on the Office 365 home page.

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Track the time you spend on customers, in meetings, and on other tasks

Are you reaching out to some customers too often, or waiting too long for a response from a buyer? Knowing how long you spend on tasks, in meetings, or waiting for email responses can help you improve your workflow efficiency. The MyAnalytics dashboard uses information from your Office 365 mailbox and calendar to provide insights on the time you spend in meetings and on email. Your MyAnalytics dashboard is private, so only you have the information. You can use this information to develop insight into your own performance and set goals for improvement.

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Surface content that other sales team members are working on

The more time you spend in repetitive and routine tasks, the less time you have to be working directly with customers to produce sales wins. One way to reduce this non-sales time is to leverage someone else’s work instead of re-creating the wheel. You can easily locate documents that team members are working on, and organize them on Delve Boards so you and other members of your sales team can quickly find them later. Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll see only documents that you already have access to.

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Locate expertise within your sales team

When you can’t leverage someone else’s work, you can leverage someone else’s expertise to help you be more efficient in your own tasks. Delve uses the power of MyAnalytics to connect you to people and information in your organization so you can streamline your productivity processes. Delve connects you to your sales colleagues—those you know, and those you don’t—so that you can easily reach out to experts and collaborators for guidance, when you need it.

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Case Studies

Brewing company uses Office 365 for global collaboration and business efficiency

To efficiently manage more than 140 master beer brands in a global market, the Carlsberg Group is using Microsoft Office 365 to foster teamwork and collaboration among 40,000 employees in 27 countries. The company accelerated the teamwork required to quickly build a single, agile, and scalable supply chain to optimize distribution to its markets. Employees enjoy increased mobility and can work better together in building a global brand that caters to local tastes.

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