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Gain rich insights into your workflow to meet tight deadlines

Meet tight deadlines on financial initiatives such as new loan product risk assessments by gaining rich insights into your own workflow and managing your time better.

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Manage your time effectively to improve your productivity

Office 365 provides a connected work environment of apps and services that work together to increase individual and collective productivity. You can save hours of time and effort by collaborating with associates, leveraging their expertise and existing resources. The Office 365 home page at displays the apps and services you have access to, and the files and storage locations you’ve used recently. You can personalize your Office 365 experience to streamline your workflow. 

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Track time spent on development tasks to identify inefficiencies

When you’re working on a tight deadline to complete loan product risk assessments, knowing how you spend your time can help you become more efficient.

The MyAnalytics dashboard uses information from your Office 365 mailbox and calendar to provide insights on the time you spend on email and in meetings over the course of the day. Your MyAnalytics dashboard is private, so only you have the information. Over time, you will be able to use this information to develop insight into your own performance and set goals for improvement.

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Quickly discover and surface content from other team members

Creating product risk assessments can be a complicated, lengthy process. When you’re on a deadline, you don’t want to waste time doing work someone else has already done. You can easily locate documents that team members are working on, and organize them on Delve Boards so you can quickly find them later. Delve never changes any permissions, so you'll see only documents that you already have access to.

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Locate expertise and learn more about product team leaders relevant to you

Financial reports and assessments are only as good as the data that supports them. When you need expert input, you can quickly find the resources you need by using Delve. Delve connects you to your business colleagues—those you know, and those you don’t—so that you can easily reach out to experts and collaborators for guidance, when you need it.

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Case Studies

J. Walter Thompson breaks new ground with Microsoft collaboration tools

J. Walter Thompson (JWT) is a global leader in marketing communications that taps into its 150-plus years of brand-building wisdom to pioneer brands that last as long as it has. Today, JWT uses new technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 to create a global, modern workplace so the company can continue to innovate at the speed of culture. JWT uses cloud-based telephony and document storage, along with a chat-based app, to support the mobility and dynamic cocreation that’s necessary to win new business in a digital age.

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