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Get actionable insights about upgrade readiness

For IT pros who provide support to the business by delivering apps that enhance the agility of the organization, planning for operating system upgrades can be a challenge. Windows Analytics provides powerful upgrade readiness insights and recommendations about the computers, apps, and drivers in your organization. These insights allow app owners and IT teams to identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade, implement fixes that are known to Microsoft, and accelerate deployment of Microsoft 365.

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Automate the collection of Windows device data

Deploying Microsoft 365 is an exciting step for your business, but first you need to understand how many apps are currently owned, installed, and being used. You also need to know if these apps were packaged by administrative staff or installed by users in an informal manner. And you need to have an idea of the number of apps that need evaluation and immediate attention.

Many IT departments must manually identify the apps running in the organization by working with app owners across the business. But Windows telemetry can help to automate the collection of this data, which can include how Windows and related software are performing. Windows telemetry can be used to keep Windows up to date; ensure that Windows is secure, reliable, and performant; and improve Windows through the aggregate analysis of its use. Windows Analytics uses Windows telemetry data to provide rich, actionable information to help IT departments gain deep insights into upgrade readiness, operational efficiency, and the health of Windows 10 devices in your environment.

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Get insights and guided workflow for upgrade readiness

Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness provides insights and recommendations about the computers, apps, and drivers in your organization. Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness uses a workflow based on Microsoft-recommended practices to guide you through upgrade and feature update projects. Up-to-date inventory data allows you to balance cost and risk, all at no extra cost and without additional infrastructure requirements.

The Microsoft Operations Management Suite underlying Windows Analytics provides business intelligence features that make it easy to export data, drill deeper into the collected information, and easily integrate with System Center Configuration Manager.

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Monitor update deployments for compliance

Assessing upgrade readiness prepares you to migrate to Windows 10. Ensuring that apps stay compatible with Windows 10 over time prepares you for the future.

Windows Analytics Update Compliance provides a holistic view of operating system update compliance, update deployment progress, and failure troubleshooting for Windows 10 devices, to help ensure that your devices are properly updated. Windows Analytics Update Compliance uses telemetry data, including installation progress and Windows Update configuration, to provide insights. It can be used with Windows Update for Business or other management tools to ensure that your devices are secure and up to date.

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Get proactive insights to reduce operating system crashes

Anything that you can do to detect and remediate issues that affect the end user, such as frequently crashing devices that might need to be rebuilt or replaced, will drive efficiencies and reduce costs over time.

Windows Analytics Device Health is the newest Windows Analytics solution. It complements the Upgrade Readiness and Update Compliance solutions by providing IT with reports on some common problems that end users might experience, so they can be proactively remediated, thus saving support calls and improving end-user productivity. Windows Analytics Device Health provides insights to identify issues affecting end users, before they even have a chance to call the help desk.

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Search for compatible business solutions

Upgrade readiness is a journey. You must be able to find and support apps when you need them, to enhance the agility of the organization over time.

The Microsoft Ready for Windows directory allows users, app owners, and IT teams to search for and source business solutions that are compatible and supported on Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. The directory leverages Microsoft app insight data from hundreds of thousands of commercial devices running Windows 10 to provide a complete picture of the app ecosystem and to help you plan Microsoft 365 upgrades with confidence.

Customers using Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness will be provided with a list of Office 365 ProPlus add-ins found in their organization, as part of the Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness service.

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Case Studies

Windows 10 injects digital transformation into healthcare

Adventist Health System is upgrading 55,000 devices to Microsoft Windows 10, citing strong Windows 10 application compatibility as a key enabler.

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