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Get an informed second opinion for your patient faster

Providing a viable second opinion is an involved and sensitive process. You need to access patient records, initial diagnosis, recent test results, and then work with colleagues to get valuable, time-sensitive input.

Reach out to similar specialists in your private Yammer network to leverage their past experiences and input to form a second opinion. 
Give your colleague the full picture by sharing a patient chart or case details securely from OneDrive. You can control and change your colleagues’ permission level and the documents you share at any time. 
Use call and video functionality in Microsoft Teams to collaborate on and finalize a diagnosis. Take private notes or add shared notes to the OneDrive notebook in Teams for easy tracking and assessment history, plus co-edit documentation between all stakeholders.
  • Securely share select files with permissioned colleagues for patient history and background. 
  • Talk with specialists across departments and share final recommendations. 
  • Work together in real time to finalize an official diagnosis.