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Harness the collective knowledge of your firstline workforce

Firstline Workers have their finger on the pulse of your business. Proximity to customers gives them a valuable perspective, but there’s often a gap in communication between the people who make the actual decisions. You need an easy way to collect the thoughts and opinions of firstline workers and allow them to ask questions and get input from experts, then act on it.


With Yammer, your Firstline Workers can provide valuable perspectives to the entire organization. They can provide insights based on experience, like how to streamline a checkout process or spotlight a product for a target demographic.  This input can be shared across the entire company.


Firstline Workers can also use Yammer to research and answer customer questions from various experts throughout the company.


Yammer not only helps firstline workers improve customer service, it gives them a voice in the future of the company and provides decision-makers with the insights they need to drive innovation.  Leadership can share directions and company shifts in Yammer to ensure the feedback loop is complete.

  • Spark conversations among employees at all levels.
  • Drive innovation by sourcing ideas from across the company.
  • Help Firstline Workers find answers to customer questions.

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